THE BATMAN Films & HBO Max GCPD Spinoff Will Crossover

Jeffery Wright as Jim Gordon in THE BATMAN

Per an interview with THE WRAP, HBO programming president Casey Bloys talked a bit about the potential of character crossover between DC films and their HBO Max spinoffs.  Here’s what he said about Matt Reeves’ big screen THE BATMAN films and the “Gotham City PD” streaming spinoff…

[Character crossover is] the idea. Matt Reeves is obviously a producer on ‘Gotham City PD.’ We don’t want to reserve characters just for films or for TV. There should be kind of some fluidity between them. So that is the idea. I mean, we’re in the very early stages on that. So I don’t want to suggest that any one character will be. But yes, that is, generally speaking, that is the idea, that there will be crossover.

I’m just guessing here, but I suspect that “GCPD” will have a “main cast” and that characters that appear in THE BATMAN and its sequels will show up on the TV series.  So, perhaps we’ll see Jeffery Wright’s James Gordon appear in an episode or two.

As far as The Batman himself, Robert Pattinson, well, we know that the HBO Max series is set in year one of Batman’s career (and before the events we’ll see in THE BATMAN), so I figure it’s possible that he might show up briefly at some point.  Of course, whether or not it’s actually Pattinson in the suit is another thing altogether.  But one can hope!

For the full interview, hit the links provided. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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