WSJ: There is No “Snyder Cut” of JUSTICE LEAGUE & WB Is Never Releasing One

No Sh*t! BOF Has Said This For Months!


If you go back through the BOF archives — the op-eds, vlogs, podcasts, etc. — you’ll see that I’ve been telling folks that Warner Bros. will never release a “Snyder Cut” of JUSTICE LEAGUE.  Why?  Because…

1) They are not going to spend another dime on this film, and it would take millions to complete a “Snyder Cut.”

2) Officially, the film that was released in November of 2017  IS the “Snyder Cut.”

3) They know that outside of handful of loud and vocal fans, no one gives a rat’s butt about a “Snyder Cut” of JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Didn’t believe me and BOF (and a lot of other sane and realistic outlets)?  Fine.  But perhaps they’ll believe a real journalist in the WALL STREET JOURNAL‘s Ben Fritz.  In his recent report, Fritz says that this is no “Snyder Cut” of JUSTICE LEAGUE and Warner Bros. has no intention of ever releasing one.

Now, maybe, the “Release the Snyder Cut” folks will finally give up on their futile endeavor and move on.  So, don’t hold your breath during WB’s SDCC presentation this coming Saturday waiting for a big “We’re Releasing the Snyder Cut” announcement because it ain’t happening.  Not this Saturday, not next year at SDCC, not ever.  Why?  Go scroll back up and read those three reasons I’ve already laid out for you.

Click on the links provided to read the full WSJ article. – Bill “Jett” Ramey