Michael Keaton’s Batman is Returning!


Now, THIS is the only way I’m good with two Batmen (Batmans?) on film at the same time!

Remember when I told y’all to mark the date?  Here’s a reminder…

Warner Bros. has announced (via THE WRAP) that Michael Keaton is returning and will reprise the role of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming solo Flash movie which is based on “Flashpoint.”

The Flash film will introduce general audiences to the idea of the Multiverse — a core aspect of DC Comics for decades.

The trade says that BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN & ROBIN will be ignored, and pick up 30 years or so after we last saw Keaton as Bruce Wayne and Batman in BATMAN RETURNS.

BOF knew about this for a while now, but I kept it on the down and low out of respect for the studio, filmmaker, and Keaton, of course.  I can say that I was told by several sources who are privy to the project that Keaton’s older Bruce Wayne will essentially become the revamped DCEU’s version of the character. This could lead to a spinoff where he takes on a young protege to succeed him as Gotham’s protector…Batgirl, perhaps?



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