SYNOPSIS: In the bleak and ominous future of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1, it’s been a decade since Bruce Wayne hung up his cape, following most of the other superheroes who had been forced into retirement. Facing the downside of middle age, a restless Bruce Wayne pacifies his frustration with racecars and liquor — but the Bat still beckons as he watches his city fall prey to gangs of barbaric criminals known as The Mutants.
The return of Harvey Dent as Two-Face finally prompts Wayne to once again don The Dark Knight’s cowl, and his dramatic capture of the villain returns him to crime-fighting — simultaneously making him the target of law enforcement and the new hope for a desolate Gotham City. Particularly inspired is a teenage girl named Carrie, who adopts the persona of Robin and ultimately saves Batman from a brutal attack by the Mutant leader. Armed with a new sidekick and re-energized with a definitive purpose, The Dark Knight returns to protect Gotham from foes new…and old.

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Part 1 is exactly what I expected it to be…

A (pretty much) straight up animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel.

Back when I reviewed the BATMAN: YEAR ONE animated film, one of my (petty) complaints was that it was adapted tooclosely to the source material. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good — I quite liked it. I would prefer “loose adaptations” of classic comic book stories (like we saw in BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD for example) or even original animated films based on DC characters.

Like YEAR ONEBATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Part 1 is a film that’s tremendously loyal to the graphic novel on which it’s based in both story and aesthetic. However, while YEAR ONEincluded just about everything found in the comic book, RETURNS, Part 1 does exclude many things that were found in Miller’s graphic novel. I’m not sure if these things were cut due to time restraints or, perhaps, some of the original stuff simply didn’t fit when it came to turning it into a film. Regardless of the reason, the film didn’t suffer from any of the omissions — though I’m quite sure that there will be fans crying “blasphemy!” anyway. Whatever.

As far as the plot goes, RETURNS’ story has been split into two parts — and this was a GOOD thing. Trust me, it would’ve been a mess if they had tried to cram the entire storyline of the graphic novel into one 70-ish minute film. In Part 1, the story consists of Bruce Wayne donning the cape and cowl as The Batman once again after a 10 year “retirement.” The Dark Knight returns (pun intended) due to the fact that Gotham is under siege by criminals — in particular an organized, powerful and terrifying gang known as “The Mutants.”

Don’t worry, the “Harvey Dent/Two Face” returns subplot is included and intact in Part 1 as well.

When it comes to the voice work, I thought Andrea Romano did a fine job of casting the film. Peter Weller as the middle age Bruce Wayne/Batman was an inspired choice and his work fits the film perfectly. When either Bruce or The Batman speaks, you can tell that there’s lots of “mileage on the Batmobile,” so to speak. I know many folks bitch and complain whenever Kevin Conroy isn’t cast in one of these films (even when he‘s not suitable for the role like in YEAR ONE), but I actually enjoy the fact that they do cast others as Batman. It’s both fun and interesting to see — well actually, hear — someone’s take on the character.

Besides Weller, Ariel Winter, Gary Anthony Williams, David Selby, Wade Williams and Michael Jackson (No, not THAT MJ!) all turn in topnotch performances as Carrie Kelly/Robin, The Mutant Leader, Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent and Alfred respectively.

For me, there were two parts of the film that I particularly liked…

1) Bruce’s “first” outing as Batman — after his 10 year “retirement,” of course.

2) The final confrontation between The Batman and the Mutant Leader.

The story (even if you know what’s going to happen) and action (though there’s a bit of stiff/clunky animation in some parts) are excellent. And of course, then end isn’t really the END as Part 2ends with a kinda-sorta cliffhanger which provides us a setup for Part 2 — which is coming in early 2013.

All in all, I quite enjoyed BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Part 1 — even though I knew the story (by heart) before seeing it. Nevertheless, it was still cool seeing the comic book brought to (animated) life. This is definitely a must-have that all Batman fans add to their collection as I think it’s one of the better animated Batman films to date. And to those whose first RETURNS experience is this film, you definitely need to get the graphic novel and read it. – Bill “Jett” Ramey


SYNOPSIS: The Dark Knight and the brave, young Carrie Kelly at his side as Robin have finally reclaimed Gotham City and allowed a ray of hope to penetrate the reign of terror that The Mutants cast upon their city. With Batman back in the spotlight, the extended media coverage has awoken a far worse evil at Arkham Asylum – The Joker! Destined to be Batman’s mortal enemy, The Joker has a diabolical scheme that may pull Batman down to the darkest levels of insanity. Meanwhile, on the horizon, a global catastrophe races toward Gotham, and with it comes a familiar face, The Man of Steel, though this time he has Batman in his sights.
“All the people I’ve murdered…by letting YOU live.” 
As I’ve said many times here on BOF, I’m not a big fan of straight-up adaptations when it comes to Batman on film, live-action or animated. I’d rather the source material to be used as inspiration, and not simply the comic book story/graphic novel brought to life. This isn’t a Batman-centric preference either. I’d prefer that most of these animated films from Warner Bros./DC Comics would either be of the “inspired by” or original sort.

Why? Well, it’s probably a selfish reason, truth be told. Because…


When you read/watch a comic book/novel/movie/TV show, isn’t it preferable NOT to know anything about it going in — especially when it comes to how the thing ends, right? Anyway…

I’m here today to review the latest DCU animated endeavor from Warner Bros. Animation – BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Part 2 — and tell you whether or not you should watch it/buy it/add it to your Bat-Collection. And the answers to each are…


So right about now, I probably need to tell you why, right?

Well, mainly because it’s pretty damn good. I’m not going to go as far as to say that it’s the best animated Batman film to date (Part 1 and Part 2 are, to me, one movie), but it’s awfully darn close. And don’t worry Miller fans, though some of the fat had to be trimmed, none of the “good stuff” from the graphic novel was left out of the film.

Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off with The Joker (Michael Emerson) emerging from his catatonic state and being declared “reformed” by his shrink, Dr. Bartholomew Wolper (Michael McKean). Of course, The Joker is not reformed and proceeds to show everyone just that by killing everyone in the audience while he was a guest on “The David Endocrine Show.”

(As I’m sure you all know, Conan O’Brian voices “David Endocrine,” a character Frank Miller actually based on David Letterman. While I like Coco, I’ve always been a, well, “Letterman-Man.” I must ask Andrea Romano the next time I get the chance – probably at Wondercon 2013 – if they asked Dave to do it originally.)

The Joker’s wish is granted as his actions sets up a confrontation – actually, a final showdown – between The Dark Knight and The Clown Prince of Crime. And I’m telling y’all, no *ahem* punches are pulled here (pun not intended). This is without a doubt the most violent and bloody scene from any Batman film – live-action or animated – ever produced. To see this classic comic book clash between Batman and The Joker brought to life (well, sort of), is must-see if you consider yourself a Batman fan.

And folks, that ain’t even the finale!

“I want you to remember the one man who beat you.” 
If you’ve read Frank Miller’s graphic novel, you know that the final battle of The Batman’s career isn’t with a member of his wonderful rogues gallery. No, it’s with another superhero…Superman.

Reduced to being nothing more than a pawn of and enforcer fo the U.S. Government, The Man of Steel is dispatched to Gotham by the President of the U.S. to take down The Batman, who is now considered an anarchist and enemy of the state.

As a Batman fan, I’m not particularly fond of Batman stories that include Superman (or any other super-powered hero or villain), but I must say that I did get a kick out of seeing the end result of the battle!

BATMAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Part 2 – along with Part 1 – is one heck of a Batman film and it does right by Frank Miller’s graphic novel. The only negative that I have is that it is a straight-up adaptation; thus, there was no part of the story that I didn’t already know by heart. Yes, it’s definitely cool to see a film (albeit animated) based on one of the greatest Batman comic book stories of all time. However, I do think that folks who have never read the graphic novel on which the film is based will probably enjoy it a tad more than the average Batman fan. Of course, Batman/comic book fans are the target audience for this movie, so make sure you force your non-comic book fans, if you will, to see it!

Bat-Fans, this is one you do want to buy and add to your collection. The production design is “Miller-esque” but fresh, the animation is excellent (in terms of what you get with these films), and the voice cast is superb. This particular “DC Universe Animated Original Movie” is going to be hard to top. – Bill “Jett” Ramey