THE BATMAN Filming in Chicago at a TDK-Familiar Location


One of the most famous scenes in 2008’s THE DARK KNIGHT — the semi-trailer truck flip and a Batpod-driving Batman (Christian Bale) bearing down on The Joker (Heath Ledger) on a Gotham street — was filmed in Chicago on LaSalle St.

Batman vs. The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT (2008)

Flashforward to 2020 and another Batman movie — director Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN starring Robert Pattinson in the title role — is also filming on-location in Chicago in the LaSalle St. area.  A Twitter user from Chicago took some really awesome pictures of what went down on LaSalle St. last night.  And while I will not post them here on BOF, you can see them HERE if you’re interested.  FYI: I don’t consider them to be spoilerish at all.

I think it’ll be kind of cool if the Chicago Board of Trade building (as seen in the pic above behind Batman on the Batpod) is seen in the background in THE BATMAN.  It’s probably not the intent of Reeves and co., but I certainly would view it as a kinda-sorta nod to Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Filming of THE BATMAN is currently taking place in the UK.  Follow BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page.  Make plans to attend BOF’s THE BATMAN Watch Party.  THE BATMAN hits theaters on March 4, 2022.