LEGO Batman Cowl Review


Pizza and beer.

Peanut butter and jelly.

LEGO and Batman.

These are some of the greatest combinations mankind has ever come up with, and seem to instantly win over my money. Especially that last mention.

LEGO has outdone themselves with yet another set to add to the Batcave. For $60, the set includes 410 pieces in 3 bags and can take you somewhere between 2-3 hours to assemble the final product: an 8.5-inch cowl replica on a mini stand.

The end result isn’t one particular take on The Dark Knight, but rather an easily identifiable cowl, blasted with that yellow oval (for Peter Verra), that feels timeless. That was also what the designer, Junya Suzuki, was aiming for as well:

“…the team and I really wanted to create something that wasn’t specific to any one version, but still captured that unmistakable essence of Batman.”

Unmistakable essence of Batman.

Mission accomplished.

I highly recommend this to any Batfan, as it’s fun to assemble and sits perfectly on a Batshelf, a desk, or even glued on the front dash of your Batmobile. – Ryan Lower

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