REPORT – Joker Origin Film Is Very THE KILLING JOKE-ish, Allegedly


For this story, I shall stay in “reporter” mode and just report…I promise.  My take on this bit of news will becoming soon via a BOF vlog, podcast, and/or op-ed.  So here goes…

According to THE WRAP, writer/director Todd Phillips’ Joker origin movie will portray the pre-Joker Joker as a failed 1980’s comedian who is, well, not very good and bombs with audiences.

Hmm…this sounds very familiar to me.

Yes, it seems as if they are allegedly riffing on BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE.

The trade also says that this project is planning a mid-2018 production start, but that may be pushed back due to script rewrites.

For the full story, hit the link provided.  And for my take on this project, well, it’s coming…I promise. – Bill “Jett” Ramey