Film Review – TOMB RAIDER by Bryan Chatlien


TOMB RAIDER is an intelligent, believable relaunch of a new franchise

The 2018 TOMB RAIDER offers more than the wink and one-liner of the previous movies. In fact, there was a surprising lack of one-liners for a Hollywood action flick, even from the bad guys.

Alicia Vikander plays a surprisingly nuanced character that is clever and driven, but not necessarily stronger or badder than anybody else at the beginning, and she certainly has her limitations…you just don’t want to get in between her and her goals.

The other actors were all good and appropriate for the story, but Ms. Vikander steals every scene with her physical presence, confidence, pluck, and intelligence.

An ideal relaunch for the franchise, set in the real world, with a believable and attainable role-model, TOMB RAIDER is one of the best video game adaptations I’ve seen. – Bryan Chatlien