NIGHTWING #95 Review


Review by James Armstrong

NIGHTWING #95 is just as fast-paced as the previous issue with our hero racing to rescue Mayor Melinda Zucco. If successful, Nightwing and his large number of allies will be able to launch a multi-front attack on Blockbuster and all organized crime in Bludhaven.

This issue is more dialogue-heavy as the plan comes together and much of the action is shown via montage (similar to a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie). We also get a darkly funny interrogation room scene that reminds me a little bit of LETHAL WEAPON III.

It’s gonna be tricky to predict how this story arc plays out. After reading this issue I have a few guesses where conventional wisdom would have it go but am hoping Tom Taylor throws us a curve ball.

Needless to say, things are escalating quickly and getting lethal.

Unmentioned in my last review was the return of Maggie Sawyer, taking on the role of Bludhaven police commissioner after previously serving in Metropolis. I was unfamiliar with the character and admit I had to look her up. She does play a key role in the story and fills the gruff, good cop role once occupied by Detective Elise Svododa nicely.

I don’t think I’d be breaking the no-spoiler rule if I pointed out that the official description for NIGHTWING #95 makes it sound like a story revolving around the villain Heartless. He in fact does not appear in this issue. I guess the folks at DC got mixed up there.

The artwork by Bruno Redondo is top-notch as usual. My only nitpick would be that while there’s a cool use of shadows throughout there are a few panels where the effect looks a tad too … pixilated.

Finally, NIGHTWING #95 has four different covers to choose from, two of which really stood out to me.

The first variant was a random one by David Talaski of Nightwing swinging through a flock of pigeons while eating a bagel. I can’t think of this ever being a gag or anything but nevertheless, I find it hilarious.

The other, sure to be the most talked about variant is a Dick Grayson swimsuit edition by Nicola Scott and Annette Kwok. Swell eye candy for the girls and guys. Makes me remember the days before the internet when the release of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition was a big deal! – James Armstrong