SYNOPSIS: BERMEJO AND BATMAN: AN ICON DRAWS AN ICON. What happens when a comics art powerhouse meets one of the greatest, most exciting heroes of all time? One part prestige art book, one part compelling noir tale, this one-of-a-kind edition collects some of Lee Bermejo’s most jaw-dropping Batman covers woven together to tell a story that strikes right at the heart of the Dark Knight’s never-ending crusade.

If you’ve been reading DETECTIVE COMICS for the past few years, surely you’ve had the option of picking up a stunning Lee Bermejo variant cover.

What many don’t know is those covers were also telling a story. And now, we have that story.

BATMAN: DEAR DETECTIVE is a 56-page, oversized BLACK LABEL book unlike any other. While we may have seen some of these images before (from DETECTIVE COMICS #1019-1062), here they are intercut with haunting letters left for The Dark Knight himself (think ZODIAK or even the Riddler from THE BATMAN). These letters are creepy, clever, and build toward an interesting revelation, which I surely won’t spoil for you here.


While the hook is the story, the book itself is a wonderful showcase to the insanely-talented Bermejo. Anyone reading BOF knows we are massive fans, but I can state objectively that these covers are in a world of their own. The attention to detail. The realistic approach. The coloring. The variety. Covers are supposed to jump off the page, snatch you, and pull you into the story. Well, this book is full of 40+ images doing just that.

I’d be hard-pressed to choose a favorite, and you would be too. DEAR DETECTIVE is a great showcase of an artist’s talents, ideas, and creativity for Batman.

We’re all fans of The Dark Knight, and we’re lucky Lee Bermejo is too. – Ryan Lower