BATMAN #133 Review


Batman begins!

This month’s issue of BATMAN continues “The Bat-Man of Gotham” arc and has an interesting approach. It appears we’re seeing another origin story take place, except the man underneath the cape and cowl already has experience as The Dark Knight. The word is spreading, the legend is building, and we’re getting the perspective of an experienced crimefighter establishing himself again.

Writer Chip Zdarsky is putting a spin on an otherwise familiar story, and it’s that spin that’s keeping me invested. We’ve seen Batman origin stories done before (and to perfection), so why would we need to see it yet again? Except let’s add a dash of Elseworlds, mixed with a status quo Bruce Wayne, and now it’s feeling more original. I appreciate the grounded take here and the interactions with known characters. The opening with a famous villain has a design that’s familiar yet very different, and I enjoyed the different take. There’s also a reunion about halfway through the book that carried some weight, and I look forward to what this leads to down the road.

Mike Hawthorne again covers the art in the book and does a good job. I’ve said it before but he looks like he came from the Kubert school of art, and that’s definitely a compliment. The designs of the characters are different, yet grounded. His Gotham too. And there’s a new Batsuit, which has pieces I like and a cowl I’m still on the fence about. We’ll see in due time.

Overall, this was a good chapter for this arc. The story is progressing, Bruce has accepted what this world is and while on the mission to figure out how to get home, he’s still going to bring justice to this Gotham.

Not too late to jump in, and I recommend you do. – Ryan Lower