Settle the Eff Down!


Per DEADLINE, filmmaker Mike Flanigan (DOCTOR SLEEP) has pitched a solo Clayface movie to DC Studios head honchos James Gunn and Peter Safran. Here’s a blurb from the report…

Word is that Flanagan and his Intrepid Pictures partner Trevor Macy had a meeting with DC Bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran. Flanagan, we understand, wasn’t pitching the character to be part of Matt Reeves’ DC Elseworlds, [THE BATMAN: PART II] set for an Oct. 3, 2025 release date.

That said, other sources are telling us that scripts are constantly changing and that Clayface is a big addition to Matt Reeves[THE BATMAN: PART II].

SO…because the internet/social media is what it is today — probably because most people only read headlines and news blurbs — everyone started to assume that this pitch was meant to be part of Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN UNIVERSE.

It’s not.

It’ll be part of the new DCU shared universe headed up by Gunn and Safran and I think in that context and universe could be super cool.  BUT…

Will Clayface be in THE BATMAN: PART II?  I’ll say this…do you really think that Matt Reeves is going to include a fantastical shapeshifting blog of mud into his BatVerse?  One he describes as an “EPIC. CRIME. SAGA?”


Batman history lesson…lest we forget the ORIGINAL version of Basil Karlo, AKA “Clayface”…

Yeah, that’s totally possible…and likely?

Stop assuming and getting your news by reading headlines and blurbs on social media.

That’s my PSA for today. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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