The road trip reaches a destination both fun and concerning in this month’s BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS: GENERATION JOKER #5.

After a surprising, thrilling, and revealing confrontation at Arkham Asylum last issue, Jackie and Bryce move along to an abandoned carnival (how fitting). It’s here they are, once again, confronted by Riot (the artist formerly known as Neo-Joker), who is much more reasonable than when we saw her last. Meanwhile, Harley and Victor reunite with an ally after the events at Arkham, setting the table for an exciting finale.

It’s always exciting to me in a story where something is revealed that instantly makes you want to flip back to the beginning and reread the journey all over again. That was the result of this issue for me. Props to writers Katana Collins and Clay McCormack for providing a fun story that continues to build on itself, without ever losing direction or focus. Character motivations are clear. Actions make sense. The dialogue just flows. And the ending of this issue solidifies  GENERATION JOKER’s quality twofold.

On top of all of that, the series is just a lot of fun.

Speaking of quality, more of the same is found in each panel’s art, courtesy of Mirka Andolfo. And by more of the same, I mean fantastic art. Part of this book’s fun is heavily dependent on the look, which Andolfo specializes in a lighter, Manga influence while also bringing enough darkness around the edges to keep it from feeling too kiddish. This book has a lot of elements to juggle, visually, and she continues to prove herself an expert in the craft.

ALL of that is meant as a compliment, so I hope it reads that way.

Overall, another good chapter in this fun, unpredictable journey through the WHITE KNIGHT universe (aka the Murphyverse). All talents involved have their foot on the gas as we head into our final stop on this road trip next month. – Ryan Lower


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Ryan Lower
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