Every month, reading Detective Comics feels like “summer reading,” with one day to go before school starts.   The combination of Ram V and Daniel Waters has been consistent in one thing: disappointment.  The quality of the story these two have tried to tell is just as bad as how the story is structured.  It makes you wonder, who the hell is the Batman editor?

Pardon me if you have heard this before, but “the art is good, but this story sucks!”  Yup, just another month of below-average storytelling in Detective Comics.  I honestly can’t figure out who is the worst writer, V or Waters.  I can’t tell at this point what I dislike more, the story or the fact that this dynamic duo decided to interrupt each other’s story, preventing the reader from getting into it.

It’s not like either tale here is enjoyable, Batman or Question, but these guys thought throwing a “monkey wrench” in their own book was a great idea.  Who is the Batman editor?  Is this the same person who oversees the BLACK LABEL Batman books?  Those are great, fresh ideas, dynamic storytelling, short but sweet.  Detective Comics has not been this bad since issues 800-ish.

What is going on?

Are you even trying?

Just get to the end of the story already!

It is a shame that DC has let the legacy titles for Batman (BATMAN & DETECTIVE COMICS) sink so low.  These books are borderline unreadable.  They are not even on my pull list anymore.   I can’t remember a time when both titles were simultaneously bad.  This is new territory for Bat-fans, thank God for DC BLACK LABEL! – Peter Verra