The New Superman Film Has a Title and Logo


I am keeping myself from going full-on “Jett” here because I do love Superman.

The Man of Steel is my second favorite comic book superhero (though he and Spider-Man do flip-flop between #2 and #3 since I was a kid) and SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE is still in my top 5 favorite films ever. It had a HUGE influence on me when I saw it in the theater as a 13-year-old back in 1978. Not only did I think it was awesome to get a “serious”, big-budget Superman film, but it also made me want to see my #1 fave — Batman — to get the same big-screen treatment (Thank you Michael Uslan!). Hell, in a roundabout way, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE is one of the reasons that this website exists.  ANYWAY…

Via his social media, James Gunn has revealed the logo for what was originally titled SUPERMAN: LEGACY. Now, it’s simply titled, SUPERMAN. Check it out…

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A few thoughts on both…

Since the 1978 film was officially titled SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, I’m OK with simply going with SUPERMAN.  It’s appropriate and cool.

The logo? LOVE it. I’m a fan of the KINGDOM COME Superman logo for one thing…but I also expected that they would do something a little different from the variant of the “S” we’ve seen in live-action since, well, forever.

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With that, that’s all I’ve got to say about SUPERMAN at the moment.  I have many concerns and problems with this film and the new DCU, but now’s not the time to mention them (again).

I wish Gunn and his team (I have a HUGE crush on Rachel Brosnahan because of MRS. MAISEL and her as Lois was GREAT casting!) the best of luck and I hope like hell this movie is not only good, but does really, Really, REALLY well all around.

I’ll get back to being negative later, so stay tuned.😏 – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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