Courtesy DC Comics

One of DC’s most iconic Batman comic books and inspiration for films like THE DARK KNIGHT and THE BATMAN is getting a part three.

During their panel at MCM London, DC announced BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN: THE LAST HALLOWEEN which will serve as the final chapter of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s masterpiece.

The ten-part mystery will spin out of the events of 2021’s BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN SPECIAL with Loeb writing and being joined by several artists (Tim Sale passed in 2022), including Eduardo Risso, Dave Stewart, Richard Starkings, Klaus Janson, Mark Chiarello, and others to be announced later.

Says Loeb…

Tim’s unfortunate passing put our plans for this series on hold.  About a year later, after speaking with Mark Chiarello and Richard Starkings, my partners on the previous LONG HALLOWEEN titles, we decided the time was right to move this forward as a tribute to Tim, who continues to be with us in spirit. This story concludes the war between the freaks and the crime families forever, as Batman, Robin, and DC’s most infamous Bat-villains face off against Holiday, and secrets dating back to BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN SPECIAL will be revealed.

The series will debut with issue #1 dropping on Wednesday, September 25, 2024.

My thoughts…

THE LONG HALLOWEEN is one of my favorite Batman stories of all time, so of course I’m down for this new series that will make it a trilogy.  However, I wonder about the art — how will it “feel” without Tim Sale’s iconic work?  Are the artists involved going to try to mimic Sale’s style?  If so, I have no problem with that as it seems this was something that Sale was passionate about before his death.  We shall see here in just a few months.

Stay tuned to BOF as well will be reviewing THE LAST HALLOWEEN…and I’m quite sure many podcasts will result because of it. – Bill “Jett” Ramey