CATWOMAN #66 Review


SYNOPSIS: “Nine Lives” nears its lethal conclusion! Catwoman has escaped everything from the Suicide Squad to the clutches of death itself, but along the way, she’s made more than a few enemies—and their vengeance is rapidly approaching! Not even a tenth life could save Selina from what’s coming, but could an old friend help this cat land on her feet?

Double crosses and double artists abound as writer Tini Howard approaches the finale of her epic, globe-trotting tale. Joining her are Ivan Shavrin on the front half of the book and Carmine Di Giandomenico on the back. With the credits not till the end, the artist change caught me off-guard.

The story is a compelling one. How can you not love a clever heist, especially when Selena is the thing being heisted and she knows it? Howard not only establishes a wonderful sense of tension with Selena having to be in two places at once but there is something else going on — horrendous headache for Selena and a noise that only Scandal Savage can hear. Howard kept me guessing all issue about what it was, all the while laying down the ultimate stakes for the finale.

Shavrin’s art has a very unique look and I quite enjoy it. However, I’m not sure it’s right for the tone of this storyline. I feel it would be better suited for a more light-hearted or frivolous adventure. I should also point out that Shavrin does his own coloring and he makes his art pop with the use of pastels, a stark contrast to the glow that Gandini usually provides the title, particularly on Di Giandomenico’s work.

What can I say about Di Giandomenico’s art? The switch was obvious and he tends to favor his more letterboxed style of panels, giving a cinematic touch to the proceedings. Also, his use of shadow is always one of my favorite aspects of his art. Several great closeups of the characters’ eyes sell the moments so well! I’m always happy to see his name in the credits!

It feels like we are entering the home stretch and I appreciate how Howard is bringing in all these characters from past storylines, adding to the richness of Catwoman’s world. Having two of the villains playing against each other worked remarkably well, highlighting their duplicitous nature and need for revenge against Selena. This has been the most I’ve enjoyed the title since I started reviewing it and I’m excited to read the conclusion! Javier E. Trujillo



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Javier Trujillo
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