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If you would like to engage in civil discourse on all things Batman, first read the two FYI’s and the board rules that follow.


FYI 1: Membership is granted at the discretion of the board administrator and moderators.  Prior to getting your membership approved, you MUST EMAIL BOF and provide your username as well as the reason you want to join the board.  No one will be granted membership without the introductory email.

FYI 2: By signing up, you are agreeing to the TERMS OF SERVICE of ProBoards, Inc.


No Obscene Profanity, Racist or Sexist Comments

This includes using abbreviations or changing one letter of a swear word such that the word(s) are still interpreted by most as profane.  No pornographic or obscene material of any kind.  Any user posting pornographic pictures, or links to such material will be blacklisted. This includes materials within a signature file or avatar.

No Attacking Other Members

If you feel the need to harass another poster, don’t do it. What is considered attacking other posters?  Bringing up their name in posts that they did not start or were not involved in, just to get a reaction from them.  Consistently responding to their posts and responding with no merit other than to belittle them.  In short, making a poster a target.  Such posts will be removed and you will be banned.

Spoiler Policy

BOF is a “No Spoilers” website.  However, open discussion of films, TV shows, comics, etc. is allowed once they are released to the public.  Posting a spoiler in any form or fashion before the official release date can resort in a ban without warning or explanation.

No Flaming

Flaming is the online act of posting insults, often laced with profanity or another offensive language.

If a poster come onto the board with the intent only to flame, and continues to post nothing but flames or engages in no substantive discussion, the poster’s posts will
be deleted and the poster will be banned at the monitor’s discretion.

WARNING: Do not give out your personal information on the
message board!

Please keep in mind that whenever you give out personal information (such as your email, phone number etc.) online — for example, via message boards or chat — that information can be collected and used by people you don’t know.  You give out your personal information at your own risk. We are not responsible for any actions that occur if you give out your personal information.

Terms of Service

By becoming a member of the BOF Message Board, you agree that BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM and board moderators have the right, in addition to other rights, to delete your posts or blacklist you or any other user at any time, if they believe that action is in the best interest of the board, for whatever reason, and the reason need not be disclosed.

If you can follow the guidelines set up as written in the FYI’s and the message board rules, then CLICK HERE to apply for membership. – Bill “Jett” Ramey and the BOFMB Mods