Sorry, No Spy Pics/Video Here


If you’re a longtime BOF’er you already know this, so please disregard…just skip the next to paragraphs, please.

If you’re new to BOF, just know that I do not post illicit spy set pics or video (nor do I post spoilers, FYI).  So, if you’re looking for all that sort of stuff, you’re going to have to go elsewhere.

The point of me reiterating this BOF policy is two-fold.  One, my stats tell me that BOF is getting a first time visits from people (which is cool even though the site has been around for 22 years).  Secondly, THE BATMAN is now filming on location in Glasgow, Scotland and — you guessed it — spy pics have been snapped and they are spreading faster than green grass through a goose.  Which brings me to what is really my main point here…

WTF is Warner Bros. doing?!

Like really?!

Was this — these shitty, out of context and proper presentation spy pics — how they wanted folks to get there first full-on look at the new Batsuit and a particular Batvehicle from THE BATMAN?  They had to chance to release official and good-looking professional publicity photos and make the spy pics moot.  They could’ve controlled the narrative, totally.

And you know what the narrative is?

That it sucks!

That it’s terrible!

That it looks like crap!

Yeah, that’s what the narrative is…and you can’t put the narrative genie back in the bottle.

Though I’m trying here, I can’t put into words how disappointed I am.  I didn’t want to see these pics, but they’re now practically everywhere and unavoidable as every site on the Net (except BOF) will post them to get hits and clicks.  They are all over social media as well for chrissakes!

I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one who stumbled upon them unintentionally and had a few instances of coolness taken away.

Thanks WB. – Bill “Jett” Ramey