What Crime Will Batman Investigate in THE BATMAN?


THE BATMAN director Matt Reeves has described the film as a “noir, detective version of Batman that is point-of-view driven” and will focus on The Dark Knight solving a crime.

So, what’s the crime?  Armed robbery?  Double homicide?  Jaywalking?  Let’s assume that it’s a murder, OK?

Reeves has also stated that whatever the crime is that Batman is investigating is “personal” and “emotional” to him as well as allowing for Batman to have an arc so “he can go through a transformation.”

Could it be the murder of his parents?


In some stories, the murderer of Thomas and Martha Wayne — Joe Chill — is caught not too long after the crime.  In others, the murders go unsolved and it isn’t until years later that Bruce Wayne discovers the identity of his parent’s killer.

Yes, Batman hunting down the killer of his dad and mom would be personal and emotional for him, I don’t that’s going to be the overall storyline of THE BATMAN.

And frankly, I don’t see the murder of some regular Joe in Gotham — or even an important Joe — is going to be all that personal and emotional for Batman.  BUT…

What if the crime is something similar to what young Bruce Wayne experienced as a child?  What if it’s the murders of…

THIS would be a case that would be personal and emotional for Bruce Wayne, right?

Recently, THE CASTING COLLECTIVE put out a call for men and women “of all ethnicities” age 17 and up who are located in Northwest England.  And here’s the deal, they are looking for people who have circus skills, with a particular interest in fire dancers, fire breathers and puppet operators. These folks are needed for a “Major Action Feature Film” that’s shooting in Liverpool March 2020.

Though the casting call doesn’t say that it’s for THE BATMAN, BOF was told several weeks ago that filming for TB would be taking place in Liverpool.  At the time BOF received this info, it was said to be for shots of the Batmobile in action.

What if this call for people with circus skills is indeed for THE BATMAN?  Could Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) attend a Cirque du Soleil-esque show and witness the deaths of the star attraction, The Flying Graysons?  Of course, the youngest member of the troupe — Richard — will survive.  Wouldn’t seeing a boy lose his parents right in front of his eyes not only hit close to home for Bruce Wayne but make The Batman want to bring the killer to justice?  It would certainly be a more “emotional” and “personal” storyline for Batman in a Batman film than saving Gotham from the big bad guy yet again.

Perhaps at the end of THE BATMAN, Bruce Wayne takes in the orphaned Richard Grayson setting up a potential appearance of Robin down the line in a sequel.

Keep in mind that the core plot of THE BATMAN would have to be more than simply Batman solving the murders of the Graysons.  It’ll have to include a mass conspiracy, corruption, and organized crime.

Personally, I think it would be kinda cool and as I previously mentioned, be a departure from the usual “saving Gotham from doom” storyline we’ve seen in Batman films since 1989.  And Bruce Wayne going from a vengeful young man to becoming a father would certainly have him going through an arc and have a transformation.

While I’m not a big fan of the “Batman Family” (I prefer solo Batman stories), I know how important the character of Robin — in particular the original Robin, Dick Grayson — is to the Batman mythos; and I suspect that Matt Reeves knows that too.  For any overarching Batman story to be considered definitive, Robin must be included.  Hell, even Chris Nolan knew that and included his version of Robin — John Blake — in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. (And yes, Robin John Blake is a valid and legitimate version of the Robin character just as much as any other.)

Maybe we won’t see a full-on “Robin” in THE BATMAN II (or whatever the first sequel ends up being titled) and Reeves will wait until the finale of his trilogy to introduce him (that’s how I’d do it personally), the seeds will have been planted in THE BATMAN.

So, what do you all think?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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