I’d say this is news but it really isn’t new.

Via POPVERSE, Andy Serkis — who plays Alfred Pennyworth in THE BATMAN SAGA — had the following to say about when THE BATMAN: PART II will begin filming…

Basically, I know nothing about the movie other than that I’ve just found out that we’re probably likely to be starting filming early next year. Therefore, if you do the math, it’ll be a year and half after that.

And what about the script?  Well…

I know Matt [Reeves] is working really hard on the script. Matt Reeves being Matt Reeves, the extraordinary filmmaker that he is, I can only assume that it’s going to be another brilliant script, because I thought what he did with that first film was pretty amazing. I loved working with Rob Pattison, and I really look forward to playing Alfred once more.

So what we have here is that Andy Serkis is essentially confirming what we’ve been hearing since early Spring: THE BATMAN: PART II will go in front of cameras early in 2025.  Also, we know that Matt Reeves (who is a perfectionist) is working on the script (along with Mattson Tomlin) to make it the best it can be.

We’re almost halfway through 2024 so I’d expect to start getting more PART II news — and yes, including characters and casting — as we get closer to the new year.  Heck, with THE PENGUIN set to begin airing in September, it wouldn’t surprise me if announcements happen at some point during its run on MAX. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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