SYNOPSIS: Bruce Wayne is facing charges for the attempted murder of former mentor and teacher Henri Ducard and faces a grueling Interpol interrogation. Nothing is as it appears, however, as the Gotham expatriate charges into a lion’s den of mystery and duplicity without the benefit of Batman’s tools. Will the onetime Dark Knight escape unscathed?

BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE continues to be a fast, enjoyable read each month and a highlight for the Dark Knight in today’s comics. The pacing of the story from Tom Taylor, combined with the art from Andy Kubert creates a unique story that feels nostalgic yet also contemporary.

I’m really digging this book.

We last left Bruce Wayne in his London hotel, where he was being escorted on suspicion of murder. This month’s issue picks up a few minutes later, where our hero is being questioned for his connection with Henri Ducard…and others. Always on alert, Bruce is suspect of his interrogators, using a “mistake” of dehydration as an advantage to get free, suited up, and back in a Batcavemobile (yes, I spelled that correctly).

This may be the smallest issue in scope thus far for this story, but it was still an exciting chapter. Taylor does a great job with pacing (as mentioned above) while dialing into the tense moments of the interrogation. I loved how he led us to believe others outsmarted our hero, then pulled the rug out from under us again. “It’s all, part of the plan”.

I’ve been intrigued from the start of this book, and how this violent group (now deemed “Equilibrium”) was targeting lives saved by the Batman. We haven’t been fed answers, but Taylor is still deepening the mystery and making it exciting. I’m strapped in for the ride and can’t wait to see how it wraps up in the next two issues.

Andy Kubert continues to act like Andy Kubert, drawing exceptional characters, settings, and vehicles. He takes full advantage of the medium and creates an exciting, fun, and threatening mood which is perfect for The Dark Knight. His Bruce, here, exemplifies THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS era and is maybe a tad too bulky for my taste, but that’s such a small nitpick. I can’t see another artist that would’ve fit this story any better.

With only two months left, BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE is definitely ramping up for an exciting finish. If the remaining issues are anything like the first four, we’re in for a memorable final act. – Ryan Lower