Matt Reeves’ Batman Film: What Does “It’s Own Thing” Really Mean?


A couple of days ago, I posted a story – that I clearly marked as RUMOR – which stated that possibility exists that Matt Reeves’ standalone Batman film will be its own thing.  “Its own thing” means that Mr. Reeves has carte blanche (for the most part) and will make the movie – including casting, aesthetic, etc. – as he sees fit.  Also, my source mentioned that there’s been talk of releasing it under this new, non-canon DC on film banner at Warner Bros.

My friends over at REVENGE OF THE FANS did some digging on their own and I thought their intel was worth posting here on BOF as a follow-up to my original story.

Per ROTF’s WB sources, Matt Reeves Batman will be part of DC on film proper at WB, but clarified “Reeves’ Batman is connected…just its own story.”  Their source continued, “[Reeves’ Batman and AQUAMAN] are in the same box. There just won’t be many winks. Not in AQUAMAN for sure. Or Batman.”

Yes, it’s maddening!  Here’s the deal though…

Warner Bros. is simply going to make solo DC films and not worry about connecting them via winks, nods, and cinematic continuity.  And that’s the way to go as none of these upcoming DC films are being made to lead up to a big, crossover, team-up movie (i.e. JUSTICE LEAGUE 2).  As ROTF pointed out, WB has stated these plans publicly as detailed in VULTURE article from this past Fall.

They are, essentially, soft-rebooting the DC on film universe (and James Wan’s AQUAMAN will be the first example of DC ON FILM 2.0).  Think of Reeves’ Batman taking the BATMAN FOREVER route — you know what I mean?

The bottom line is that if you want to believe that AQUAMAN, WONDER WOMAN 2, and Reeves’ Batman (whenever it comes out) exist in the same movie universe, that’s fine and it would true in essence.  On the other hand, if you want to watch these films in a vacuum and believe they exist in their own little film worlds, that would be true as well.

Regardless, I’m just happy that they are hiring these filmmakers and letting them make the movies they want to make – not 2+ hour commercials for another DC team-up film.

Hit the link provided above to read REVENGE OF THE FANS’ full report. – Bill “Jett” Ramey