Jeffery Wright on THE BATMAN: Gothic, Sleuthful, Mysterious (and Tricky)

Jeffery Wright as Jim Gordon in THE BATMAN (courtesy Warner Bros.)

While doing press for Marvel’s WHAT IF…?, Jeffery Wright — who of course plays GCPD’s Jim Gordon in THE BATMAN — was asked what it was like working on the coming new Batman movie.  Here’s what he had to say to the folks at THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

It was gothic. It was sleuthful if that’s a word. It was mysterious, and it was tricky. It was tricky because of the conditions that we were working in. It was isolating for those of us who were away from home, out of the country, over in London. I experienced more quarantines than I would wish on anyone, going back and forth over the last six months. So it was a pretty dogged one to try to pull off. We were working in the teeth of the outbreak, and we were trying to protect ourselves, one another, and the production. So it took a lot. But what I will say about it too is that it was really gratifying because we all unified around that purpose of doing our jobs, making this film, protecting one another, and getting through it together. And we did. I think we made a brilliant movie, and we did it as a collective that came together as one. I wish we would do a bit more of that in this country right now to get through this thing.

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