HBO Max has released a trailer for the upcoming BATMAN: THE AUDIO ADVENTURES.  The trailer highlights some of the voice cast. “What’s the situation, Commissioner,” Jeffery Wright’s Batman asks Gotham PD’s Commissioner Gordon, voiced by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVES‘s Kenan Thompson.  Wright, of course, is actually playing Jim Gordon in director Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN starring Robert Pattinson.

The trailer is found below.  You can check out an early, extended listen via EW.COM.


Written and directed by SNL Emmy-winning scribe and producer Dennis McNicholas, the 10-episode arc takes place years into Batman’s term as a vigilante crimefighter when he decides to become an official employee of Gotham.

The cast includes Brent Spiner as The Joker, Bobby Moynihan as The Penguin, Heidi Gardner as Harley Quinn and Miss Tuesday, Alan Tudyk as Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred, Brooke Shields as reporter Vicki Vale, Melissa Villasenor as Robin, Seth Meyers as Jack Ryder, Jason Sudeikis as Gotham Mayor Hamilton Hill, Paul Scheer as Mr. Charleyhorse, Fred Armisen as King Scimitar, Tim Meadows as Dr. Arkham, and Ray Wise as various announcers.

“I’ve been a Batman fan since my childhood in the ’70s, and in the decades since it’s been fascinating to watch the Batman mythos evolve, from Saturday morning cartoons to Oscar-nominated film adaptations,” McNicholas said. “At this point, there’s a Batman for every taste, from dark and gritty to LEGO. But I’ve found there’s no one adaptation of the myth that gives you a satisfying taste of Batman in all his many modes.

“Enter BATMAN: THE AUDIO ADVENTURES.  We’re introducing a Gotham City that’s home to every aspect of Batman’s 80-year history: the colorful satire of the Adam West show, the operatic fantasy of the [Tim] Burton movies and the BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, and the gripping crime drama of the [Christopher] Nolan films. B:TAA aspires to be the all-in-one Batman experience: if it’s classically ‘Batman,’ whatever that means to you, you’ll find it celebrated in the Gotham City of B:TAA.”