Per VARIETY, the MAX DC series based on and set in Arkham Asylum is not moving forward…at least the latest incarnation isn’t.

Originally, set up as a Gotham City Police show set in the world of Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN, it then morphed into one set in Arkham but remained in THE BATMAN-verse.  Then at some point, it was still going to have the Arkham setting, but transferred (for some reason) to being a DCU series.

Terrence Winter, Joe Baron, and finally Antonio Campos were on board as writers/producers/showrunners with the former two leaving for “creative differences” and Campos ultimately being the last man standing.

I lost interest in this project when it was revealed that it would be a Gunn/Safran DCU project instead of being set in THE BATMAN-verse as originally intended.  Since it would not be part of Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN SAGA, the news of it not moving forward/being canned doesn’t matter to me in the least quite frankly.

The trade says it’s possible that another incarnation of an Arkham series might happen at some point in the future, but whatever, you know?  Hell, with the DCU not guaranteed to be a hit/success, it might well happen and be part of whatever the next live-action DC universe Warner Bros. desperately cobbles together.

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