The U.S. Independence Day 2024 BOF Mailbag



For those celebrating U.S. Independence Day 2024, whatcha got cooking?  I’ll be outside (where it’s hot as hell in Dallas/Ft. Worth area — like gonna by 102 today 🥵🔥) on the grill smoking some turkey tenderloins that I’ve had brining in my special Shiner Bock marinade as well as some Cajun boudin (shoutout to BOF’s Pete Verra!).  I also will do some pit beans and Texas Twinkies (recipes via outside while I’ve got the smoker running. While inside, I’ll be cooking up a Cajun dirty rice and my Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce in the kitchen.  Announcer Rachel has a few things going…probably a “Hot Dish” since she’s from Minnesota. 😏  ANYWAY…

Let me what you cooked and/or what you did today in the comment section below! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Any chance there’s another show like THE PENGUIN between THE BATMAN: II and PART II?

JETT SAYS: If THE PENGUIN is a big success then I think the chance of that happening will increase…and I already believe it’s very possible.

Jersey Crawfish or Texas/Louisiana Crawfish?

JETT SAYS: Patrick, you KNOW the answer to that!  However, ‘ol Boudin Pockets Pete Verra did a hell of a job with ’em.  Let’s just say the only difference was where my feet were standing.

Besides a potential Pattinson cameo in THE PENGUIN, do you think we’ll see any others? Not Selina but Gordon perhaps or maybe even Bella Reál?

JETT SAYS: Rob Pattinson’s going to have a cameo in THE PENGUIN for sure…we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s as The Batman or Bruce Wayne (or both?).  As far as the others, I’d say it’s possible but not likely.  It looks like this series is really going to focus on Oz (Colin Farrell) and the organized crime gang war/power grab in Gotham.

JETT SAYS: We’ve talked about this many times on various BOF podcasts — especially on THE BOF SOCIAL HOUR which is my show. Yes, THE BATMAN: PART II will stand on its own and people will not have to watch THE PENGUIN to understand what’s happening in THE BATMAN sequel.  However…

By watching THE PENGUIN the experience of THE BATMAN: PART II will certainly be enhanced.

Would you prefer THE BATMAN: PART II and PART II to be filmed back to back and released a year apart or have them filmed years apart and thereby extending “the ride”?

JETT SAYS: I am in no hurry to have THE BATMAN SAGA come to an end, so I hope there’s a gap between films of more than a year…at least 2 and 3 years is probably ideal.

JETT SAYS: No, I am not. Warner has tried — and failed spectacularly — at the DC on film shared universe thing already and not long ago.  Also, the genre isn’t dead, but it’s not as strong as it once was in the mid to late 2010’s. I believe WB would be better off going the route of THE BATMAN from Matt Reeves and the JOKER films from Todd Phillips with their DC IP’s with the focus on strong solo and self-contained movies and streaming/TV series (like WATCHMEN, SANDMAN, and THE PENGUIN).

Do you think that The Riddler is going to get out of Arkham in future films in the Reevesverse? I think it would be cool that since his identity is known, if he would wear an updated version of the Frank Gorshin/classic suit with a tie.

JETT SAYS: I believe that the core characters that appeared in THE BATMAN will be a part of the entire SAGA...including Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton/The Riddler.  I do not believe he’ll be seen in the green question mark suit of the comics and worn by Frank Gorshin and Jim Carrey…nor would I want to see Dano sporting it.

JETT SAYS: Matt Reeves’ version of Batman as played by Rob Pattinson will not be part of the new DCU…even if the DCU flames out before they get to its Batman and THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.  And when it comes to the DCU Batman and TBATB, I believe we need to be in “wait and see” mode.  A lot will be determined by how James Gunn’s SUPERMAN performs next year.

What are the chances Basil Karlo will appear in Reeves’ THE BATMAN franchise? His Clayface would fit perfectly with the horror aspect he started in the first movie.


If you read BOF, listen to the podcasts, or follow me on social media, you know what I think. 😉

JETT SAYS: 1) No, 2) Yes (and see one of the previous Q&A’s).

Do you know if BATMAN: CAPED CRUSADER will be episodic or a season-long arc?

JETT SAYS: Bruce Timm has said that the episodes are standalone, but there will be some inter-episode plot threads and storylines.  He called it the “soap opera” aspect of the series.

Been reading BOF since 2003 – Thanks for everything over the years. Question: If Reeves is planning a trilogy, and we’re getting one Max spin-off show before the second film, how many more Max spin-off shows do you think we’ll get before the end of THE BATMAN SAGA? It seems like it might feel strange to have more shows come out after a 3rd and final film.

JETT SAYS: As I said earlier in this mailbag, I think the prospect of another MAX/HBO series after THE BATMAN: PART II is very good and will be even better if THE PENGUIN is a huge hit.  I figure if PART III is the finale, we’ll get a series after PART II…which is obvious, right?  And yeah, there won’t be one after PART III for sure.

With THE BATMAN is known for filming during the pandemic, would you say that Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson, Andy Serkis, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright and their entire team are feeling more comfortable once they start filming THE BATMAN: PART II especially now that the pandemic is behind us?

JETT SAYS: I’m quite sure. Filming of PART II will be much easier, obviously.

Is THE BATMAN: PART II happening for sure?