Wan Explains Why There Are No DC Cameos In AQUAMAN


Before James Wan’s AQUAMAN hit theaters a few weeks ago, the director said that it was a standalone film.

Several times.

And a lot of people didn’t (want to) believe him.

AQUAMAN then makes its debut back on December 21st of last year and guess what?  There were no DC cameos in it.


There also weren’t any winks and nods to other things DC (sans one short line referring to Steppenwolf in JUSTICE LEAGUE), nor was there a post-credits scene showing Black Manta joining the Legion of Doom.

Yes, AQUAMAN was all about “Aquaman” and wasn’t used in any way to advertise future (or past) DC on film endeavors.

I’m not sure why Wan needs to “explain” why none of that happened (thank goodness), but of course, he was asked and here’s what he had to say

I just feel like this is his stand-alone movie, just let it be about Aquaman.  I feel like all the other characters have had so many movies; audiences have known all the other characters in all the other movies, all these different projects. Let this be Aquaman’s time in the spotlight.


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Frankly, this needs to be the way Warner Bros. handles DC on film for the near future.

The only reason to include such stuff is if you’re pandering to hardcore comic book fans, or building towards a big team-up film.

However, in the wake of the BATMAN v SUPERMAN/JUSTICE LEAGUE debacle, the last thing Warner Bros. needs to worry about is another Justice League/team-up movie.

Indeed, they need to keep on keeping on with solo films based on awesome DC characters and treat them exactly as James Wan treated AQUAMAN.

Think about it…did the fact AQUAMAN didn’t include winks, nods, Easter eggs, cameos, or a Legion of Doom tag affect the quality of the film or its box office?


Right now, I’m very optimistic and excited for DC on film’s future.  The fact that Warner Bros. let James Wan make the film he wanted to make (same goes for Patty Jenkins and Matt Reeves), should open the door for other strong filmmakers to dip their toe in the pool known as the DC Universe.  Here’s hoping for a bunch of good variety of DC movies over the next several years…standalone DC movies, that is. – Bill “Jett” Ramey