SCUTTLEBUTT: Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN to Film Starting November ’19


According to a roundtable Q&A with the guys from THR‘s HEAT VISION blog, here’s a blurb about Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN

From what I know and heard, I’m buying this 100% — especially the timeline suggested.

I agree with Borys Kit that the script is “basically in” (for a couple of weeks now) and I’ve long said that I didn’t believe filming would commence until late this year (2019) at the earliest (#patience).

Also, while it’s not mentioned specifically in the HV exchange, this makes it even more clear that THE BATMAN will not be a 2020 release, but will drop in 2021 or 2022.

And yes, if filming does begin in November-ish of 2019, I concur that we’ll get word of just whom Reeves will (has?) cast as his Batman/Bruce Wayne in the middle of this year.

I’ll keep my hear to the ground, so stay tuned to BOF for all (spoiler free) news on THE BATMAN.  Things are starting to get exciting! – Bill “Jett” Ramey