RUMOR: Warner Bros. Developing/Working On an Animated THE LONG HALLOWEEN


Per BOF’s fine friends at REVENGE OF THE FANS, Warner Bros. Animation/Home Entertainment is working on a 2-part animated film version of the Batman comic book classic, THE LONG HALLOWEEN.

Ever since WB/DC began making these PG-13 animated DC movies, people have asked me if I thought they’ed ever give TLH that treatment.  While I always said that I’d be totally on board with such an adaptation, I also thought it would be hard to do since TLH is, um, rather long.  However, if they did it without sacrificing much of anything for THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, then I think it’s possible to do it for TLH.

Personally, TLH is in my top 5 favorite Batman comic book stories/graphic novels.  I love how some of it influenced Christopher Nolan and company in THE DARK KNIGHT.  Though I don’t think it’ll be released this year (it would’ve been officially announced by now if so), here’s hoping that we’ll hear something official from WB soon.

Hit the link above for the full story and more info — including who is likely in the cast. – Bill “Jett” Ramey