UPDATED: THE BATMAN Has a Release Date! (And Affleck is Out)


(Via THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Matt Reeve’s THE BATMAN (or whatever it’ll end up being called) will hit theaters 2.5-ish years from now on June 25, 2021.


As someone who had been lobbying for Batman on film to return to a Summer release where it belongs, this news has me happier than a dog getting a belly scratch!

I told y’all that it wouldn’t be released until 2021 at the earliest, and that proved to be true.

I said that it should be a Summer release, and that panned out as well.  AND…

I also said that Batman fans should relax and enjoy the ride, so PLEASE do that over the next couple of years!  In other news…

Ben Affleck has confirmed that he will not be part of this movie…


I’m not going to lie…this makes me kinda sad.

Yes, I lobbied for Ben Affleck’s turn as Batman should be over after JUSTICE LEAGUE, but I also LONG wanted him to play Batman and direct a Batman movie.

So now that the what we knew became official, it kinda bums me out…even though I know it’s what’s best for Batman on film going forward.

Oh Batfleck, we hardly knew ye. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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