Jeffery Wright Talks About Working With Robert Pattinson on THE BATMAN

Jeffery Wright as Jim Gordon in THE BATMAN

While talking to ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT about his latest film (NO TIME TO DIE), Jeffery Wright was asked about working with Robert Pattinson in THE BATMAN.  Here’s what he had to say…

I loved working with him [Robert Pattinson], I love his take and his energy and the way that he kind of brought different levels to different parts of the story. And we work off of one another. I just tried to give him Gordon things, and he did his Batman thing.

He also described Pattinson’s Batman…

Robert is gonna do his thing, and we were working within a Matt Reeves vision, so you know, Robert is doing what Robert does and it’s gonna be pretty badass I think.

We’ll get a new look at both Jeffery Wright’s Gordon and Robert Pattinson’s Batman here in a little over a week with the new trailer for THE BATMAN at DC FanDome ’21. – Bill “Jett” Ramey