Rataalada.com | A Viral Campaign For THE BATMAN Has Commenced


UPDATE 1 (12/10/21): I know a little Spanish, and it appears that the URL of The Riddler’s “website” means “winged rat”.  I’m sure there’s WAY more to this, so BOF will report as we all discover it.

For a long while, I figured that a viral campaign for THE BATMAN that focuses on The Riddler was a no-brainer.  I even suggested it in BOF articles and podcasts.

Now, it looks like it’s happening.

Go to rataalada.com and you’ll see this…

Looks like either a website page or a video with white noise with a flashing green question mark in the top left-hand corner.  We know that The Riddler does some “live-streaming” in THE BATMAN, so maybe this viral marketing campaign will riff off of that.  I did a website registration search and the domain does indeed belong to Warner Bros.

Anyway, this should be fun so stay tuned! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

(Shoutout to @HARLOWC for the heads up!)

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