Pattinson Talks Glasgow as Gotham & Portraying Batman

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Via THE DAILY RECORD, THE BATMAN star Robert Pattinson said a few a couple of things about the upcoming movie.

On filming in Glasgow…

The architecture in Glasgow is incredible — it has that real 19th century feel to it hence why it makes for a brilliant Gotham. George Square is my favorite part of the city — there is so much wonderful architecture on view from one central location.

On getting to play Batman…

It was such a fun experience. It’s one of the big characters in 21st-century fiction. It’s a massive honor to play him.

Not much, but just a little bit more to help get you hyped and excited for THE BATMAN. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

(Thanks to BOF Senior Contributor Ryan Lower and to “DC” for the heads up!)

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