Finally, Time To See THE BATMAN


I feel like I’ve been covering THE BATMAN for a decade…because I kinda have.

I’m sure y’all are aware that there have been two incarnations of THE BATMAN: The Ben Affleck version in which he was going to write/direct/star, and then the one we’re actually getting under the helm of writer/director Matt Reeves.

Yes, the film that Affleck was going to make and the one that Reeves will now give us are not the same — different scripts, casts, and take on Batman.  However, the genesis of the first solo Batman movie since 2012 began when Affleck was cast as Batman for BATMAN v SUPERMAN.  Since that took place in August of 2013 and it’s now 2022, yeah, it pretty much took us a decade to get to THE BATMAN.

We’ve now weathered the longest drought between solo Batman films — THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in 2012 to 2022’s THE BATMAN — since BATMAN in 1989.  After all the ups and downs — the project’s original writer/director/star walking away and the issues Reeves’ production had to deal with due to the COVID-19 pandemic — THE BATMAN is finally upon us.

Robert Pattison as The Batman in Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN

Behind the scenes, folks (FOBOF’s) I know who have seen it are absolutely raving about the film.  I highly suspect that THE BATMAN will be “My Batman” more than any of the previous cinematic incarnations of the character — THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY (which I love and always will) included.  Only two times prior have I been as excited for a Batman movie — 1989 with BATMAN and 2005 with BATMAN BEGINS — so yeah, my expectations admittedly are sky-high for THE BATMAN.

All that’s left for me is to see THE BATMAN…and that time is now.

See y’all on the other side. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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