NIGHTWING #92 Review


NIGHTWING #92 review by James Armstrong

We begin NIGHTWING #92 with one of my favorite things to see on a comic book page: a flashback to Dick Grayson’s days as Robin.

This trip down memory lane serves two purposes in that it once again reminds people how far Grayson will go to help people and how important Alfred was to the Bat Family.

Side note: post-THE BATMAN it was really hard to see our heroes out crime-fighting without Michael Giacchino’s “Can’t Fight City Halloween” playing in my head as I read along. I think that track will be my go-to mental music for superhero monologuing for a long while!

Writer Tom Taylor teased a “standoff” between Bruce Wayne and Alfred in this issue. I won’t give away what this was about, but it’s really a minor confrontation (albeit one with a solid emotional payoff).

Speaking of emotional moments, this issue has a lovely cameo of Marv Wolfman and George Perez drawn by artist Bruno Redondo (who is back drawing NIGHTWING after a brief hiatus). Perez sadly died May 6 after a legendary career in the comic industry and graced us with many epic covers and splash pages. It was a damn good feeling to see him appear alongside his Nightwing co-creator in comic form exchanging a smile with Grayson.

The flashback scene also features a pretty sweet entrance by Alfred that comes right out of a spy movie and is hands down my second favorite part of this issue.

Later, in the present day, we’re presented with an Alfred statue in Bludhaven which to me is a bit much. Especially considering that the quote inscribed on the monument kinda implies that he worked around vigilantes wearing masks. Not the most properly thought out tribute. Those darn secret identities should be harder to figure out.

Though a tad uneventful plot-wise, NIGHTWING #92 kicks off a new storyline well enough by teasing a team-up I’m looking forward to in the next issue as the “Battle for Bludhaven’s Heart” begins. – James Armstrong