Detective Comics under Ram V has not been received with the praise of past runs. Even usual stand-out Rafael Albuquerque seemed to be off his game the last issue. It’s a new month and a new issue, so let us see what this creative team has in store for us, shall we?

This issue felt like the perfect balance; there’s that mythical feel to the book that V was so in love with in previous issues, but also an entertaining Talia story. V adds humor in just the right place as Batman interrogates his suspect in one of the more classic moments in the book, and the doctor’s visit will take you back to The Dark Knight Rises. I must say that I feel lost while reading this month’s issue. The last two issues of this title were not as interesting as this one, and I think I will need to go back for a re-read.

Albuquerque steals the show in this issue. His artwork is nothing short of brilliant, from the first page to the last. His art during the Talia/Damian story has that old-school kung-fu movie vibe. Albuquerque’s layouts will leave you smiling as he uses different shapes and splash sections to make the right panel pop. Bruce “exiting” his doctor appointment felt like it was part of an 80’s action film, the fight between Batman and Talia was more like a beautiful dance.

We can’t forget the backup, can we? “The Coda” Part 3 of 3 by Simon Spurrier. I, for one, did not care for this Jim Gordon story. This chapter seemed to be the best and had a noir feel to it. Then there was this green vomit thing going on. Anyway, this story is over — Yay!

Overall, Detective had a solid rebound issue. While I feel the previous issue does hold the story back, this was tangible progress, but we need to see V speed up the process. It’s not a good look to have your readers wonder where they are during the story. Progression needs to be made at a rapid pace. Rafael Albuquerque is why you will buy this book on new DC Day. You won’t find a more beautiful and broader range of artwork in one book; with incredible action, it is safe to say that Albuquerque is back on his A game.

In a nutshell, this was an overpriced book with a lousy backup story, a confusing primary story with grade A artwork, you decide. – Peter Verra