After a fun 2-month intermission, BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT returns this week for chapter 5.

And it’s a doozy.

Batman and Jack continue their pursuit of Jackie, which leads them to the base of Derek Powers. They sneak in, hack into the computers, and start to unravel more of their mystery before being busted. What happens next is great action, fights, FREAKY FRIDAY, and emotions. I dare not spoil any of it for you.

If you listened to the BOF Podcast #202 last month, you’d have heard writer/artist Sean Murphy talk about this issue in depth. If you haven’t listened to that episode, then you’re in for a treat. The largest takeaway is what Murphy does between our main characters, and how bonkers yet satisfying it is. I found it to be exciting, intriguing, and hilarious. This is the funniest issue of this series, maybe even the WHITE KNIGHT world (aka the Murphyverse). Murphy continues to find new ways to evolve the Batman-Joker relationship, never abandoning what it is, but always pushing it into new territory. I loved their actions and dialogue throughout this issue, which ended in a way that has me excited for what’s to come.

The art is, obviously, superb in every panel. Murphy always balances dialogue with action and blends both to progress the story. From inside the Batwing, to the plethora of Batmobiles, to the hand-to-hand combat, each panel pops with energy and adrenaline. As always, the book just moves.

It’s getting challenging for me to try and praise this book in a different way each month. I’m digging the story, characters, action, and easter eggs. For someone who isn’t the biggest fan of BATMAN BEYOND, Murphy has me all in on BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT.

Simply put, this book rocks. – Ryan Lower


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Ryan Lower
Representing the Midwest, Ryan has been a BOF fan since 2003, and started contributing to the site in 2017. He is the host of “The Batman Book Club” podcast. Ryan has written reviews for comics, animated movies and TV series. He has also appeared on BOF podcasts and Social Hours for Batman discussions, reviews, and interviews. Thanks to BOF, he was able to meet and have a one-on-one discussion with his favorite artist, Lee Bermejo. Follow him on Twitter @lower_ryan.