The February 2023 BOF Mailbag


Anything Batman on film-related to talk about? 😂

Let’s roll! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Will Bale reprise Batman?


Any updates on BATMAN: CAPED CRUSADER animated show? With all the recent buzz, it’s gotten lost in the shuffle.

JETT SAYS: It’s proceeding in production and is being shopped to streamers.  I’m sure it’ll likely end up on Netflix (James Gunn has said publicly that they’ve had discussions with Netflix about some DC stuff) or Prime.  It’s not canceled.

Given that THE BATMAN: PART II is just under three years away, will we be seeing THE PENGUIN series closer to its October release in 2025 or can we expect said show sooner in say, early/mid/late 2024?

JETT SAYS: Based on what I’ve heard, it’s going to come around the halfway point between TB1 and TB2, so yeah, early to mid-2024.

Since it seems we’re getting a new Batman for THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, who would you like to cast in the role regardless of the fact that you ain’t particularly happy about it? A famous thespian or a relatively unknown actor?

JETT SAYS: I wouldn’t say that I’m not happy about THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD; I simply have no interest in it. I’m not a fan of sidekicks, Bat-Gods, Blue Batman, Robins, Batgirls, or Batman in space.  I prefer — and think Batman works best — grounded, gritty, serious Batman stories…and I don’t believe that’s what they’re going for with the DCU Batman.  With that said, I would cast a “name” actor in the role for a number of reasons as a popular, well-known actor would help bring in the audience.


How old do you think the DCU Batman will be in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD?

JETT SAYS: I think they are going for an older take on Batman — older than he was in THE  DARK KNIGHT RISES (pushing 40) and BATMAN v SUPERMAN (pushing 50).  Late 50s is my guess.  Why?  Because they want to have a very different version of Batman in the DCU than the one in Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN films as played by Robert Pattinson.  And since the Batman Family already exists, Bruce is obviously going to be older — which is fine by me.  Just my opinion based on the fact they’ll want a Batman that’s different from Robert Pattinson’s and age is a good way to do that.

What can you say publicly about the DCU Batman? Regardless of opinions, I think we’re all intrigued as to what comes next.

JETT SAYS: I’ve said pretty much what I can/will say…but keep looking for my hints on BOF, social media, and maybe even this mailbag.

JETT SAYS: You are correct — I’m not a fan of shared cinematic universes for all the reasons you mentioned.  I think they are creatively stifling and restrictive and handcuff filmmakers.

Any “educated speculation” about what exactly is going to be the fate of CONSTANTINE 2? Scoops say it’s canceled; WB says it’s still moving forward. What is really gonna happen to it? If it is indeed getting canceled, is this the writing on the wall for DC Elseworlds?

JETT SAYS: I don’t 100% know other than I hear it’s going to be made and that Warner Bros. confirmed that with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

If you want my “educated speculation,” I say it will happen because WB wants to be in the Keanu Reeves business and it will fall under the DC ELSEWORLDS film banner.

JETT SAYS: As long as they are successful — and I don’t see any reason why they won’t be — I figure Matt Reeves can expand his BatVerse much and for as long as he wants.  With the DCU Batman being so much different than what he’s doing with the BatVerse, the 2 versions can peacefully and successfully coexist.

What’s on your Super Bowl menu? And what’s your prediction? I’m going Chiefs 34-20.

JETT SAYS: Chicken and sausage gumbo, smoked boudin, potato salad, chips/dips, Cajun Buffalo wings.  And of course, I’ll be pulling for the team formally known as the Dallas Texans.

JETT SAYS: Perhaps…it depends on the story first and foremost and then what characters fit. I think Roman Sionis would be more likely to happen than Arnold Wesker…although the latter appeared as a character in BATMAN: THE IMPOSTER written by Mattson Tomlin who just so happens to be co-writing THE BATMAN PART II with Matt Reeves.

How would you feel if WB casted Austin Butler as the new DCU Batman?!

JETT SAYS: How would I feel if Austin Butler was cast as the new DCU Batman?  Ain’t happening, he’s too young…by about 30 years.  I’d take him as the new Superman though, totally. TCB⚡, baby.

JETT SAYS: I lean towards it being a trilogy of films with a few other HBO series like THE PENGUIN…but I wouldn’t be shocked if Reeves does more than 3 films.

As far as Bat-Family and sidekicks, I don’t think we’ll be getting that in THE BATMAN stuff…but I can see Reeves doing some form of a “Robin.”