A final showdown.

An intense battle.

An unpredictable ending.

BATMAN: BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT comes to a satisfying conclusion this week with the eighth issue. The latest volume has been exploring the BATMAN BEYOND universe, but with a WHITE KNIGHT spin. There’s been Terry McGinnis, an older Bruce Wayne, Derek Powers, Blight, Ace, and more. Its strength has been organically developing what’s come before, yet continuously pushing into something new.

There’s no need for a summary because we already know the setup. And to talk about any plot points could dip into spoiler territory, and you know that’s not our game here.

Instead, I’ll continue to gush about this book. Writer and artist Sean Murphy hit his stride long ago with this series, and never lost it. It’s fitting he’s a car guy because he hit the accelerator way back in November 2017 (WHITE KNIGHT #1) and never let up. I’ve been lucky enough to speak with him on multiple occasions, and I always compliment him here.

His pacing is spot on.

The story moves and is always interesting. It’s unpredictable but never cashes in on cheap tricks. There’s action, drama, humor, and even a little bit of romance. What a comic!

Settings, characters, and cars (chicks dig the car) are fitting for this world, and Murphy gives all of them his own flavor. I firmly believe having your work identified just by observation is a great compliment to an artist, and there’s no mistaking a WHITE KNIGHT book. And given this latest edition, blending old Gotham and the future, it looks like a gradual evolution.

By the issue’s end, I can firmly say BATMAN: BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT continues a fascinating story in this contained world where you’re prepared for twists and turns, yet still, get whiplash.

And that’s a compliment in the highest regards.

So what’s next for the Murphyverse? Well, the creator may have given us some insight back on BOF Podcast #202 (Listen here), but you can also read the issue, as Murphy reveals the plans at the end.

From this fan, I’m already sold. What he’s done with the character, cementing his own corner in Batman’s history, never skipping a beat, I’ll follow wherever it leads.

Murphy and Batman are in a league of their own. For now. – Ryan Lower