Per PRODUCTION WEEKLY, THE BATMAN PART II will begin filming later this year (2023) in November.  Matt Reeves will direct the follow-up to 2022’s THE BATMAN and is writing the script with Mattson Tomlin.  Robert Pattinson returns as Bruce Wayne/The Batman.

This tells me that they’ll likely be filming for a good chunk of 2024 as well and we’ll also start getting casting news relatively soon.  Stay tuned!

(Thanks to BOF’s Ryan Lower for the heads up!)

 THE BATMAN: PART II will be released on October 3, 2025.  For BOF’s coverage of this film, visit BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN: PART II Page. For BOF’s coverage of 2022’s THE BATMAN, visit BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page. CLICK HERE for BOF’s coverage of THE PENGUIN.