It appears that I was wrong about my take on how the WGA strike affected THE PENGUIN.  I had heard — and mentioned in my recent BOF MAILBAG — that the production had already gone dark.

Apparently, that wasn’t the case…yet.

According to DEADLINE, the series was set to film in Westchester, NY yesterday (Tuesday, May 16, 2023), and WGA strikers were there which led to Teamsters and local guilds refusing to cross the picket line.

Furthermore, Matt Reeves — the head honcho of THE BATMAN SAGA (which of course includes THE PENGUIN) — along with the co-writer of THE BATMAN: PART II, Mattson Tomlin, joined fellow WGA members on the picket line…

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Here’s hoping that a fair deal for both sides (especially for the writers) soon so everyone can get back to work. If you read the latest BOF MAILBAG, I explained that I grew up in a VERY union area of Southeast Texas amongst oil refineries and many members of both sides of my family were union folk.

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