It’s Time to Bring Back BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES by Joey Perotti


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It’s been 26 years since the yellow flame sent the Batmobile roaring out into the streets of Gotham – no title, just Batman. It was hip, it was stylish, and it was instantly iconic. Batman: The Animated Series stripped the character down to its most basic elements and created what some argue is the definitive version of the Batman and his universe. It’s time this show made a comeback.

With the DCEU films BATMAN v SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE dividing (and turning off) fandom, and Ben Affleck being wishy-washy about his live-action future in the role, Batman fans need something tangible to hold onto. With the next movie may not be out for another two, three or likely more years, what better way to re-establish the baseline for the character and serve as somewhat of a palette cleanser than a return of this fan-favorite?

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And while DC Animation has always been fairly reliable, the last couple of years have also seen output like The Killing Joke and Batman and Harley Quinn. While both feature Kevin Conroy voicing Batman, and Batman and Harley Quinn using the same Bruce Timm/BTAS art style, it’s clear that these attempts are missing some of the magic from previous outings.

Besides, what better time than now? 1990s nostalgia is at an all-time peak.  With all of the TV reboots carving out a slice of the modern content landscape, why not Batman: The Animated Series too? It’s a shoe-in with fans — there’s not a Bat-disciple on planet Earth that would not tune in. On top of that, the show’s status and legend has only grown in the time since it’s been off the air.

DC and WB, if you’re listening, and you if you like money (and we know you do), this is a win-win for you guys and the fans. It’s time to bring back this classic. – Joey Perotti