Bat-Timeline – “Batman in 1980”

Originally posted on June 13, 2016


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JULY: Batman’s past is re-examined in the miniseries (one of DC’s first and the first for Batman) THE UNTOLD TALES OF THE BATMAN.

SEPTEMBER: “The Crime Doctor” makes his first appearance in Batman comics since the Golden Age in DETECTIVE COMICS #494.

NOVEMBER: A new version of the Teen Titans – led Robin Dick Grayson – premiered in THE NEW TEEN TITANS #1.

DECEMBER: A new Gotham City mob boss known as “The Squid” makes his debut in DETECTIVE COMICS #497.

Not a big “Batman” year for me personally, but I did buy — and still have — the THE UNTOLD TALES OF THE BATMAN miniseries. – Bill “Jett” Ramey