Bat-Timeline – Batman in 2013


APRIL: Bruce Wayne’s son Damien is murdered (indirectly by his own mother, Talia Al Ghul) in BATMAN INCORPORATED #8 by writer Grant Morrison and artist Chris Burham.

APRIL: The TEEN TITANS GO! animated series premieres on the Cartoon Network.


JULY: The computer-animated series BEWARE THE BATMAN premieres.


AUGUST: Batman’s origin gets a revamp for the for the first time since BATMAN: YEAR ONE in1987 with BATMAN: ZERO YEAR by writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo.  YEAR ZERO began in BATMAN (vol. 2) #21.

SEPTEMBER: Talia Al Ghul is killed in BATMAN INCORPORATED #13.

SEPTEMBER: DC Comics debuts BATMAN ’66 — a new Batman comic set in the world of the 1960s Adam West BATMAN TV series.

OCTOBER: The video game BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS is released.  The companion game, BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS BLACKGATE was also released this month.



Didn’t read any of BATMAN INCORPORATED as I’m not a fan of Grant Morrison’s Batman run.  I thought the whole premise was goofy and just wasn’t my cup of Bat-tea.

Though I’m a big fan of the Snyder/Capullo run on BATMAN, I thought ZERO YEAR was sorta meh and went on WAY too long.  YEAR ONE > ZERO YEAR.

BEWARE THE BATMAN was good and should’ve been given more of a chance to gain traction with fans.  Having it air on Saturday mornings — rather than Friday nights — didn’t help.  I was bummed when it was abruptly canceled.

Adam West’s Batman made me a Batman fan when I was a child.  Thus, I loved the fact that the “West-verse” got its own comic series with BATMAN ’66.

Finally, chalk me up as someone who really dug ARKHAM ORIGINS.  It’s vastly underrated.  To this day, I’m still not sure why some people “didn’t like it.”  Probably because it didn’t come from Rocksteady.

What are your thoughts and memories of Batman in 2013?  Post ’em in the comments section below! – Bill “Jett” Ramey