The Batman Book Club Podcast 160 | THE DARK KNIGHT Novelization


In this episode, Senior BOF Contributors Ryan Lower and Ryan Hoss celebrate 15 years of THE DARK KNIGHT by talking about the film’s novelization, written by Dennis O’Neil. Hear them highlight the expansion of the movie, scenes that work well in the context of the book, what they would like to have seen in the movie, and what they’re glad didn’t appear in the film.

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Ryan Lower
Representing the Midwest, Ryan has been a BOF fan since 2003, and started contributing to the site in 2017. He is the host of “The Batman Book Club” podcast. Ryan has written reviews for comics, animated movies and TV series. He has also appeared on BOF podcasts and Social Hours for Batman discussions, reviews, and interviews. Thanks to BOF, he was able to meet and have a one-on-one discussion with his favorite artist, Lee Bermejo. Follow him on Twitter @lower_ryan.