The July BOF Mailbag #1


Welcome to the dog days of Summer (Northern Hemisphere, of course) and the July edition of the Mailbag!

Jett (L) and Announcer Rachel (R) in Vegas, July 2023

So, for those of y’all who are in the midst of Summer like me, what have y’all been doing?  Done anything cool and fun?  Take any trips?  For those here in the U.S. like, me what did you do and cook for the 4th of July?  Hell, even if you’re in the middle of Winter, have you done anything cool and fun?  Take any trips? Cook up any good food?  If so, tell me about it in the comments below!

As for us here at the BOF Home Office, the Announcer and I went to Las Vegas last week — right in time for a massive heat wave!  I told the Vegas Heat Wave, “Hey Vegas Heat Wave, I’m from Texas GD’it and it was 102 the day before I left!”  The Vegas Heat Wave laughed, said “Hold my beer!”, and proceeded to kick it up the 🔥to around 116 the two days we were there.

Vegas Heat Wave won.

As for as the 4th (correctly known as Independence Day) I cooked up a variety of hot dogs, including some classic Chicago style and a Texas-inspired one (of my own creation) with homemade spicey Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, jalapeno coleslaw, and sliced pickled jalapenos (see below).

Alright, with the chitchat out of the way, let’s get to those questions! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Since DC is deemed a “dead brand”, how is that affecting their plans? Not just the DCU plans, but everything DC.


It seems that Warner Bros. is moving full steam ahead with their new shared universe DCU, dead brand be damned.  So, I don’t think their plans are going to change at all.

With that said, there’s no way that they can’t be worried about the future of DC on film (sans the Teflon Batman) after THE FLASH (which I really liked) was a total disaster of historic proportions.  But yet, they’re going to shove their new (and second attempt) DC shared universe down our throats regardless.

On the ELSEWORLDS flipside, they’re going to be more than OK with Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN SAGA and Todd Phillips’ JOKER sequel.

If it were up to me — and it isn’t — I’d ditch the shared universe thing and simply focus on making the best individual DC movies possible.  But that ain’t happening.

All I can say it…bless their hearts.

Why are you so against a shared DC Comics live-action movie universe?  You’ve been bitching about it for years?

JETT SAYS: First of all, if you know that I’ve been against (i.e. “bitching about”) a live-action DC on film universe for years, THANK YOU for being a regular patron of BOF!

In short, it’s because of the history of DC Comics; they are creatively stifling; each entry/film/TV series in the universe must adhere to what’s going on in other films/TV series as well as help set up what comes next; it’s my personal preference; and a lot of other stuff.  And lest we forget, Warner Bros. has already attempted a live-action shared DC on film universe and failed spectacularly…and they want to give it yet another try? Come on now!

READ THIS OP-ED where I get into detail about why a shared universe is a bad idea for Warner Bros.

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Do you think certain characters in DC’s library need a rethink when it comes to live-action and expectations? Could they find a better home as streaming series instead of ridiculously high-budgeted movies?

JETT SAYS: They certainly need to rethink the box office expectations of their DC films going forward.  Other than Batman, I’m not sure what future film project is going to be a damn near guaranteed winner in that category.

I’m not an expert at all when it comes to streaming, but I do know that it might behoove them to do more stuff like WATCHMEN, SANDMAN, or even PREACHER.  The first 2 are brilliant and the third show was damn good.  But of course, when it comes to the new DCU stuff, it’s gotta F’n connect, you know?  Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the shared universe thing, but I’d absolutely love it if they did JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER and/or KINGDOM COME ala WATCHMEN on MAX.

But alas, I don’t think we’ll get stuff like that because, you know, it’s all gotta connect.

Oh yeah, no more cheap-ass The CW stuff, please.

JETT SAYS: Of course we will!  The film isn’t going to be out for another 2 and a half years, so chill.  Even with the WGA and SAG strikes happening, I’m quite sure we wouldn’t be getting any news on THE BATMAN: PART II right now anyway.

As I always, say, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Do you think Wally West could be The Flash in Gunn’s DCU?

JETT SAYS: No idea.  To be honest, I’m not really paying attention to this new DCU due to my personal lack of interest.  But I do know there’s been no mention of The Flash, yet, showing up in the first wave of DCU projects from DC Studios.  Additionally, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to do anything with The Flash due to the recent film bombing like a MF’er.

JETT SAYS: See the answer to the first question in this mailbag.  In regards to THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and Andy Muschietti, it wasn’t his fault that The Flash was a box office disaster.  So no, I don’t see either that film being canceled or DC Studios replacing Muschietti as the director.  But again, I’m not following the new DCU stuff because I really don’t care about it.  I will say I think that TBATB doesn’t need to be made — especially released — until Matt Reeves is done with THE BATMAN SAGA.

What are the odds that James Gunn introduces the DCU Batman right out of the gate in SUPERMAN: LEGACY? I think it’d be best to give it a few years, but I have a feeling Batman will at least already exist in this new Superman’s world.  Also, do you guys think any DCU script changes (nixing any ties to the past, etc.) are being made after THE FLASH took such a box office beating?

JETT SAYS: With Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN: PART II being released just a few months after SUPERMAN: LEGACY in 2025, I highly doubt that the DCU Batman will show up in that film.  I do believe that the DCU Batman does already exist and likely preceded Superman in Gunn’s new DCU.

As far as nixing any ties to the past/DCEU, it’s a total reboot, so I don’t think any changes will have to be made in upcoming DCU projects.  Yeah, I know that Amanda Waller and Peacemaker are carry-overs, but I think they’ll be new DCU versions of those characters or perhaps those projects will fall under the ELSEWORLDS banner.

1. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have these movies be their own thing first and then if it’s all successful retroactively connect them later if you must? I liked THE FLASH. I like Gunn. I like Superman. I have very little interest in this and I feel the general audience will feel the same. 2. Didn’t the success of THE BATMAN and JOKER prove you don’t need to be connected?

JETT SAYS: 1) Yes, they should simply focus on making the best individual DC films/TV series possible and not worry about having them connect.  But alas, they are having them connect with DC character cameos and supporting roles right off the F’n bat in SUPERMAN: LEGACY.  Speaking of which, I was sorta looking forward to it until I found out that a bunch of non-Superman DC characters are going to show up in it.  I was hoping for a Superman movie that was a SUPERMAN MOVIE, you know what I’m sayin’?

2) Absolutely. But, WB has to have their DC version of the MCU, you know…despite the fact that they’ve already tried it and it was a disaster.  Whatever, man.

Fill in the blank. I have more Batman collectibles from this movie, ________________, than any other.

JETT SAYS: Oh man, can I cheat and say THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY?  If I gotta pick one it’s THE DARK KNIGHT…and THE BATMAN would come in second place.

Do you think the Texas Rangers will trade for Ohtani?