The exciting WHITE KNIGHT road trip continues this week in GENERATION JOKER #3. Bryce is eating up his new fame from a dangerous crowd, Jackie sits back cautiously, Harley and Neo-Joker (don’t call her that) are in hot pursuit, and a familiar face shows up in new gear.

To give much more context to any of this could creep into spoiler territory, and you know we don’t do that here.

I can, however, wax poetic on the joyful, unpredictable story that writers Katana Collins and Clay McCormack are providing us in this spinoff book. The duo are zoned in on the voices of each character, continually hitting the gas and taking them toward an objective, rather than having them sit idly by and look in the rearview. Each issue continues to bring them challenges to confront head-on and provides the emotional beats they need to let the decisions behind those actions settle. It’s a great progression for the story and a great result of teamwork in the writer’s room.

Mirka Andolfo continues to bring a fun, energetic presence to the story as well, which is what I think this particular tale has required. Sure, there are serious moments, but a tale starring two youngsters doesn’t need to be pushing an R-rating. Three issues in, Andolfo continues to show how well-crafted the tone is in balancing fun, drama, action, and tension. It’s an impressive task that not everyone can handle, but fortunately for us readers she does it effortlessly.

Overall, another fun entry in this WHITE KNIGHT spinoff, that reaches the midway point. And by the looks of that final page, this story is ironically heating up. – Ryan Lower