The Iceman cometh, and he’s bringing the heat.

Hot off the heels of last issue’s final reveal, Mr. Freeze returns to the Murphyverse in this month’s GENERATION JOKER #4. After their father’s AI disappeared last issue, Jackie and Bryce plead with the good doctor (whose orange suit gets explained) to assist in the revival of Jack Napier. Agents Stewart and Prince are right on their tales, as are Harley Quinn and Riot, culminating in a big confrontation at Arkham Asylum (how fitting).

I’ve applauded writers Katana Collins and Clay McCormack for keeping this story moving and giving the characters a lot of depth in this series. What I haven’t given praise for yet was how well they’re telling a story on a small scale. The main WHITE KNIGHT books played it big and did it well. Here (much like the HARLEY QUINN book), we’re up close with the characters, almost attached to their hip the entire time. Everything feels more personal, and I think that’s a welcomed approach. It’s a way to bring us closer, and add to the emotion and drama, while delivering some good action as well. All of that is meant to be a massive compliment, as this book stands out as different from what we’ve seen before in this world, yet also remaining closely connected.

Artist Mirka Andolfo is also excelling at doing her own thing while keeping each page connected to the Murphyverse. I’ve commented on the manga/anime style she’s brought to each issue, and I’ll reiterate it here again. I’m a bit inexperienced when it comes to that genre, but I really appreciate the approach here. Characters are fun. Settings are colorful. Yet there’s still just enough shadow and darkness to keep the book from seeming too “childish”, and keeps the reader on edge, knowing anything can happen on the next page. Her designs of each character are clear and distinct, allowing each one to stand on their own. It’s a very good-looking issue. And that Freeze design/coloring:

*chef’s kiss*

Overall, another fun and exciting entry in this spinoff story. The drama is ramped up, as well as the action and surprises. – Ryan Lower