The August 2023 BOF Mailbag #1


What other characters from the Bat Family do you think will show up in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD?

JETT SAYS: Not that I care because “The Batman Family” (other than Alfred and Gordon if count them) and Bat-sidekicks aren’t my cup of tea, my educated guess is that in addition to Damien Wayne’s Robin, we’ll also see Dick Grayson’s Nightwing and Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl…along with Alfred and Jim Gordon.  But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they go all in and have a whole slew of Bat-sidekicks in the movie.

What are your Top 5 favorite Batman villains in no particular order?

JETT SAYS: The Joker and Two-Face are my top 2 in that order.  Catwoman is #3 for sure if we consider her a villain.  After that, I’d say The Penguin and The Riddler from THE BATMAN movie and Bane from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  That’s 6…I guess I cheated!

Do you know what Reeves has been reading for inspiration for THE BATMAN: PART II?

JETT SAYS: Specifically, I do not.  I’d say that a lot of the groundwork for THE BATMAN SAGA came from the films and Batman stories that were used as inspiration for the first film.

JETT SAYS: I assume that as soon as the strikes are over, pre-production will commence on THE BATMAN: PART II.  Matt Reeves has such a big cushion time and schedule-wise with this film that I’m pretty sure that it will not get pushed out of its original release date.  I mean, it’s still over 2 years from being released.  Now when it comes to THE PENGUIN, I can see it being pushed back later in 2024 than was originally intended.

WB should just make a Matt Reeves universe with Batman characters.

JETT SAYS: They are. It’s called THE BATMAN SAGA.

Jett, where do you think Reeves takes the third movie in his trilogy, assuming that is his plan? How does his saga end? And how would you like to see this iteration of Batman close out? and thanks for providing the best Batman news out there for twenty-five years!

JETT SAYS: Well, he said it’s an “Epic. Crime. Saga.”, so I’ll assume that’s how it will play out over the course of his 3 films.

I can’t really say how I want it to end — I’ll leave that up to Reeves.

And thanks for the nice words…much appreciated!

From a dog lover to a dog lover…How would you see a “serious” cinematic take on Ace The Bat-Hound?

JETT SAYS: It’s simple…Bruce Wayne has a dog named “Ace.”  He doesn’t have to wear a mask or even fight crime.  Just be a cool pet!

With movies like John Wick: Chapter 4, Barbie and Oppenheimer known to have filmed with a budget like around 100 million dollars or 125 million dollars and they are having huge success at the box office, does this shows that we are going to see more mid-budget movies going forward especially when it comes to action movies, comedy movies and biopic movies? And could the DC movies also take inspiration from the success of those movies where they can make mid-budget movies? Very curious to hear your thoughts.

JETT SAYS: Makes business sense, in my opinion.  I mean, they already are with DC movies, right?  THE BATMAN and JOKER didn’t have the HUGE budgets that usually come with films intended to be “blockbusters.”  We’ll see.

Are there any characters from the comics that you think would really suit Matt Reeves’ style for THE BATMAN SAGA?

JETT SAYS:  Well, I said before we heard about any of the castings for THE PENGUIN that Sal Maroni was very likely as well as members of the Falcone family, and look what happened!  I’d say Harvey Dent makes sense for THE BATMAN: PART II.  As far as other Batman comic book characters, I get the feeling that Reeves is pretty much going to go with the cast he had for the first film throughout his trilogy…with a few additions, of course.  I certainly don’t think each film will focus on a new villain — especially as was done back in the day in the Burton/Schumacher movies.

After AQUAMAN, no single DCEU film has managed to pass $400M at the box office, and every single DCEU film after SHAZAM! has lost money. How likely is it that both BLUE BEETLE and AQUAMAN 2 follow this trend?

JETT SAYS: So anything less than $400M at the box office domestically is a failure?  I’m not so sure I can go along with that.  So after looking at the numbers, I assume that you’re referring to $400M-plus worldwide, right?

BLUE BEETLE: Well, it’s not a DCEU film; per James Gunn, it’s actually part of the new DCU.  But yeah, I get your point — other than Batman, people are down on anything DC.  However, it only had a budget of $120M, so there’s a chance it could break even…maybe.

AQUAMAN 2: The only thing it’s got going for it is the sequel to a movie that made over a billion dollars worldwide.  However, it’s going to be a tough row to hoe for this one to be a success.

When the Star Wars sequels with the old cast came out, believe me, I was expecting the Burtonverse to return in some form. But Warner Bros. seems to try and copy other studios’ tactics (like a shared cinematic universe) and do it late and not in a very appealing way for the general audience to care. When they did their own stuff (THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY, THE BATMAN, JOKER) they made billions of dollars at the box office and memorable films. Why can’t they focus on that and instead of labeling these types of films ELSEWORLDS? To me, it sounds demeaning. Do you think if the Gunnverse fails is it going to be too late and they’ll pull the plug entirely?

JETT SAYS: I’ve said it for years that with their DC IP’s, Warner Bros. should’ve simply focused on making the best films possible and not worry about them all connecting via a shared cinematic universe.  The DCEU failed and frankly, I don’t have high hopes for this new DCU being a success.  If SUPERMAN: LEGACY underperforms or downright flops, well, that’s not going to be good for DC on film…except for Batman because that IP is Teflon.

Worst-case scenario: The new DC plans from James Gunn fail miserably. What do you think they would have to do to save things? Or do you see all wine and roses?

JETT SAYS: I certainly don’t see things for DC on film being all wine and roses (other than Batman) right now and as I’ve said, WB/DC Studios has their work cut out for them with this new DCU for a lot of reasons — namely the last 10 years so damaged the brand that it’s basically dead.  No one cares.

So, what do I think they would have to do to save things?  Frankly, if the new DCU flops or even underperforms, they’re screwed…straight-up screwed.  They are trying to save things NOW.  I don’t see them being able to save the savior if it fails.

They should be doing films like THE BATMAN and JOKER with the other DC IP’s and not worrying about it all connecting so they can have their own version of Disney’s MCU — which ironically, is starting to run out of steam.

What would you like to see for the Batmobile in Gunn’s movie?

JETT SAYS: The Batmobile is going to show up in SUPERMAN: LEGACY?